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How good a value is WallpaperOriginals? For only about $600.00/month you can put your name in front of around 150,000 visitors making 200,000 visits each month plus have get a mention in our monthly newsletter ... and with each visitors seeing about four banners. Having your name in front of quality traffic at such a low price is a deal! (Plus you get the opportunity to hammer your message home - again and again.)

If you are interested, only, in including your message in our 100 % opt-in, monthly newsletter (for only US$0.0395/recipient/month) please communicate with us.

WallpaperOriginals.com and it's partner web sites represent an excellent opportunity to contribute to reinforcing and, indeed, raising awareness of your brand. Whether it is through our economical banner advertising opportunities or by puting your name on visitors' desktops through co-branded desktop wallpapers or even custom wallpapapers designed specially for your company this web site can make significant contributions to your profile with on-line visitors. This family of desktop wallpaper web sites can be an important element in reinforcing your brand off and on the Internet. With only a few free websites left on the Internet today, what a wonderful and economical way to put your brand in front of new consumers again and again!

Take this opportunity to identify your company with this high quality web site.

The Wallpaper Originals family of websites offers several advertising opportunities. All advertising (banners, skyscrapers and text) are sold directly to you - no middle men. Contact us for pricing and availability.
You may purchase a text link under the "SPONSORED LINKS" on the right of most pages.

These sites no longer accept Adbrite advertising. To place ads in the skyscraper columns please Contact Us OR book your advertising on our sites through Google Ad Networks.

Our minds are open. You can purchase a thumbnail box (such as the "Search the internet for... " spaces on the tumbnail pages). You may have a page on our web site (perhaps a micro-site) with appropriate links from the body of our site to help stimulate traffic to your page. These links may be in the side bar (on the left or in the skyscraper position on the right ... or we may run a banner for your page. If you have an idea on how to use our website to promote your product, service or site; we will be pleased to consider any reasonable proposal.

Click here for price and availability or E-mail or phone (@ +1 519-752-5381) us for details.

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WallpaperOriginals.com and its sister sites, Wallpapers.GraphicFreebies.com, Wallpapers.AnimalSearch.net and Wallpapers.CambridgeWeb.net (A.K.A. DesktopWallpapers.ca) are Galganov & Associates (launches a new browser) web sites. This means they deliver high quality, family safe content to almost 200,000 unique Internet users per month.

Space is sold on a first-come first-served basis. We cannot guarantee the ability to deliver banners in a precisely defined time-frame since our ability to deliver is based on volume of traffic. The price of advertising is based on availability:demand. If demand rises against availability prices may increase. If demand is low we may, at our option, lower the price to stimulate sales. Once you've paid for a number of impressions - those impressions will be delivered as contracted. We will never increase the price on space already sold. Advertising will always be delivered at the price contracted.

Statistics: Real-time banner display/click-thru statistics are provided on a non-warranted basis. They are available as a guideline only. (While click-thrus are only counted once every hour from any given IP number. We continue to reinforce, however, the real objective ... "brand awareness".)

We do not currently offer advertising space on cover pages.

While banner advertising space is sold on a "run of site" basis we are open to any reasonable offer. Minimum bookings apply to each web site. You may book 10,000 impressions for one site only or for each site. We do not split minimums between web sites (i.e. 5,000 for Wallpapers.AnimalSearch.net and 5,000 for Wallpapers.GraphicFreebies.com is not possible).

If you are interested in exploring this substantial name branding opportunity or if you would just like to ask a few preliminary questions about this opportunity please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to accept your bookings over the phone (+1 519-752-5381).

Contact Us to advertise now!

Please phone or email for skyscraper text ad rates.

Banner rates:
Minimum Purchase: 10,000 impressions/site (only US$15.00)
 Currently Available Banner Positions: Top of page only
 Current Price (per 1,000 impressions): US$1.50
   G.S.T./H.S.T. on Canadian orders only
 Payment Method: Visa, MasterCard or Discover
 Payment Terms: payable in advance
N.B. Phone (+1 519-752-5381) or email (above) to enquire about non-banner advertising.

Banner Specifications:
 Max Size (in pixels): 468 x 60
 Max File Size (in KB): 12
 File Format: .gif, .jpg or .png
or... let us design your fully functional text banner!

The Wallpaper Originals family of websites delivers, on average, in excess of 5,000 unique visitors per day.

* The actual number of banners delivered per day will fluctuate with the level of visitor activity.

Contact Us to advertise now!

Are you're looking for that special opportunity to reach our loyal users? Here it is! We are in the process of developing plans to offer a monthly newsletters to our users. We anticipate excellent targeting and a virtually guarantee that these newsletters will be opened. If you are intrigued by the prospect of this opportunity - if you would like to participate, ... Contact us!

Special Notes: All requests for advertising space are subject to review prior to acceptance. The owners/management of these wallpaper web sites may, at their sole discretion and without explanation, decline to accept any contract for advertising. Advertising media (banners, messages, etc) and target web sites are subject to review.
  Once Your banners and/or websites are accepted for advertising your credit card will be debited and your advertisements will be scheduled for inclusion in the advertising rotation.
  These WallpaperOriginal websites will not advertise for the following types of websites and/or products:
  - pages featuring adult content and/or links to adult content.
  - pages featuring illegal content and/or links to illegal content including but not limited to warez, cracking and/or hacking help and/or software; and/or other content as may, from time to time, be deemed inappropriate for advertising on these web sites.
  - other pages as deemed inappropriate for advertising on these wallpaper websites by the owners/managers of these web sites.
  - refunds will only be made prior to commencement of delivery of advertising.

Warranty/Guaranty: No warranties or guaranties in relation to click-thrus, sales or quality of any traffic which may be sent are expressed or implied. By taking payment for the above-mentioned services the owners/managers of these desktop wallpaper websites agree, only, to deliver your images, in the agreed position(s), on the agreed page(s) in a time frame reasonable and consistent with our posted, available displays and display limitations. If, due to a slump in traffic, we are unable to meet demand in a timely manner any unused portion (fees for banners not delivered) will be refunded.
Refunds will not be made for US$7.50 or less. Advertising will be delivered in lieu of refunds

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